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Pilgrimages to Italy


ITALIA ETERNA Dates: Sep 20th (Fri) to Oct 6th (Sun) 2019 Registration for this tour is now closed. Details »


Italia Eterna

Pilgrimage for the Diaconate Ordination of Tim Mergen

(Diocese of Madison, WI).


On this pilgrimage you'll be able to enjoy a top-notch visit of Rome’s treasures along with a great spiritual visit to Assisi, following in the footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare.  Remember that a Plenary Indulgence is offered to pilgrims (meeting all the traditional requirements) who visit the 4 Patriarchal Basilicas in Rome as well as the Porziuncula in Assisi!  Another indulgence is offered for those pilgrims who pray at the Patriarchal Basilicas and follow the prescribed indulgence requirements.  There is more, but it is easier to read the brochure! Just click on the brochure button for more information.

Spiritual Director/Chaplain: To be annouced

* This is a St. Joseph edition of Mater Dei's pilgrimages. What is  St. Joseph Tours? Click here for the answer. 

* Airfare included from Chicago O'Hare Airport.  

This pilgirmage will be open very soon!!



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