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Pilgrimages » by Theme » Rome, Vatican, and the Holy Father

Rome, Vatican, and the Holy Father

ITALIA BELLISSIMA Dates: Dec 5th (Thu) to Dec 14th (Sat) 2019 Details and Registration Form »

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Italia Gloriosa

Departing from Menominee, MI and Chicago O'Hare, IL.  Other cities may be available at an additional price.

Join Deacon Steve & Jackie Gretzinger, and the U.P. Catholic, newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Marquette, Michigan, on this unique and beautiful pilgrimage to Italy with St. Joseph Tours, visiting unforgettable places like Assisi, Siena, Florence, Montecassino, Nettuno, Anzio and Rome! This pilgrimage will take place as his excellency, John Doerfler, Bishop of the Diocese of Marquette, MI, makes his Ad Limina visit to the Holy Father, Pope Francis. 

Start in quaint Assisi following in the footsteps of two super-Saints, St. Francis and St. Clare!  Then continue to amazing Siena, home of the great St. Catherine. In Siena, in addition to praying before the relic of her head, you will have an opportunity to witness an ongoing Eucharistic Miracle! Continue your Tuscan journey north to Firenze or Florence, cradle of the renaissance movement that brought to the world some of the best art and architecture western society had to offer! Here you will have the opportunity to see the original David by Michelangelo

There is more!  As with all of our pilgrimages to Italy, you will receive  a top-notch visit of Rome’s treasures!  And as an an added bonus, a request to participate in Pope Francis' Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe* and receive his apostolic blessing  * (Pending on the Holy Father's household final approval). Remember that a Plenary Indulgence is offered to pilgrims (meeting all the traditional requirements) who visit the 4 Patriarchal Basilicas in Rome as well as the Porziuncula in Assisi!    

Chaplain: Deacon Steve Gretzinger, Diocese of Marquette, in charge of the U.P. Catholic.


Strengthen your faith in a most unique way! Join Italia Gloriosa!

** This is a St. Joseph Tours! What is a St. Joseph Tours? Click here!

Sorry! This Pilgrimage is no longer available!



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